Thursday, 26 October 2017

recount writing

We also got to do another activity  it was kind of like charades but when miss told the person to  
Pause another person would go in & act out something random i didn't want to join but it was fun watching them go crazy

on tuesday we had this activity. it was on the field when we got to the field miss west told us that we had to get into groups of 3 or 4. and my partners where freedom toby and harlyn we had
to pose & people had to guess what we were doing. We were playing volleyball harlyn & toby where the net me & freedom are the players freedom was the sever and other people done there .

The end

Thursday, 19 October 2017

immersion assembly

On Monday we went to the immersion assembly. First we started off with a song called MUSICAL MADNESS from the principal and some teachers. During the song there was a drum. Mr Somerville did the drum solo and it was cool. After the song, Mr J started talking in scottish then he showed a video of his cousin playing in a pipe band.

I don’t feel excited about this term because we have to learn about music and make music i'm not that good at making music.  

the right beat task

24 and 26
They are both arguing about how long the song is meant to be
Simon thinks that shona is singing to marry words
Is said that he wanted to change the rhythm not the tune
Monique said  your music is made up of only 2 beats and four beats
It was about 130 seconds and then it was 30 secondes

Thursday, 28 September 2017

Guardians of the Galaxy

Here is my animation about astronauts trying to find a new place for us to live in the solar system.

Wednesday, 27 September 2017

stardom writing

last Thursday we went on to a bus to stardom. it took for long to get to stardom but i wanted to stay in the bus it was warm when we go   out we had to  wait 10 minute$ until seven o’clock and then one of the teachers went in and came out and told us we can go in. we went in I give it a 5/10 because there wasn't much fun stuff but we had to do this thing as a team we had to find out stuff about planets.  we had score ratings I didn't  know and i dont'e no how much we got but after that we sat down and then the man that got us to do told us to
Go into a theater and look up the seats where there was this colourful thing changing colour and then this movie started we had seen the trailer at school before it was a cool movie then the man gave us all  a free ticket to stardom and then we had got back from stardom it was

Lunch time then after it ended we had our program it is cool and then we got back at  2:56 and then 4 minute$ later it was home time He told us that the moon is bigger than Australia

Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Animation Writing

Hi my name is Lennox. My animation is about two people going into space to try and save the earth. So there was a guy in the park but then 3 years later the world got polluted because everyone was throwing their trash around and two people decided to go to space. Jeffy and Jack built a spaceship and flew into space to find a new home. First they went to a colorful planet. They walked out, then an alien came jumping down. They ran dashing to their spaceship then they went to Mercury. While they were there one of them said “ It's too hot!“ The other one said, “Yeah let's go!“ They went back into space and they found earth 2.0. They heard a weird noise. This alien was nice to them and then 50 years later humans and aliens lived together. The End. By Lennox