Friday, 21 October 2016


One day there was a boy called Jack his dad said “it is getting late go to bed” Jack went to bed he could not sleep he closed his eyes and thought of the USA he opened his eyes he was in the USA his uncle lives there he did not know where he lived. He was petrified someone came up to him and said “are you ok” Jack said “no i am lost”  the little boy closed his eyes and thought of a boat and the sea he opened his eyes he was shouting for help “Help  Help” no one heard him he closed his eyes again but did not think of anything.

The boy started thinking of his school but when he got there he was thinking that it was a different school he went back to his bed he The boy thought of ancient Egypt He was inside. there was a big maze his bed was movable he moved his bed around Jack found a map he now new his way out It was too hot outside when he found the exit so he stayed inside where the shade was he was still scared he closed his eyes and he thought of candy land he opened his eye and he was in candy land he looked around he saw a giant gummy bear and sour packs.

He realized Whatever you he thought Jack would go to that place he went to the shop and got ten sour packs he meet a boy called Moran Was looking looking for his bear and he was sad sitting on the ground he said “will you help me find my teddy bear” Jack said “yes I will” Moran said “i was Playing at the park and then i had him i dropped him I did not know”

Jack said “I will find him stay here” Jack's thought of the park he found the teddy bear it was wet he went back to Moran he gave him his teddy bear he had wet hands he Dried teddy and teddy was like stone. Jack went every where he wanted to he went to go get pizza candy fizzy. But he felt like something wasn't right he remembered  home that was the last place he needed to go when he got back it was time to wake up for school.

Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Olympic Flame

... ceremony-olympic flame.jpgThe ancient Greeks started the tradition of having an Olympic flame. In Olympia a sacred flame is lit by the sun's rays and stays alight until the games have ended. The flame symbolized a request for protection from Zeus and the athletes’ struggles for victory.

The modern flame symbolizes the light of the spirit, knowledge. and life. To this day, the torch is still lit in Olympia in Greece, then carried by a relay team, passing runner to runner, until it reaches the host-city of the games. there, the cauldron will be lit and stay alight until the closing ceremony.

Thursday, 28 July 2016

bubble gum

We went to the hall to see the bubblegum dance crew  they did hip hop dancing it was cool.  There were nine people
It was breathtaking they were outstanding dancers. They did really cool dance moves they danced at the same time they worked together they were all different ages. When the dance was finished they said that they were going to Las Vegas to a dance competition they have their own sign it is like your putting a crown on your head.     

Friday, 1 July 2016

My New Duffy Book

i got my new duffy book it is called E J 12 it is a spy book it is about a girl her name is Emma it is a chapter book i'm on chapter one.

Monday, 20 June 2016

blue the rabbit

have you ever meet a giant bunny? i have, this is Blue he is a flemish giant, he is 3 monthes old. when he is a adult he will weigh 10kg. he is our new bunny.

Wednesday, 1 June 2016

new guinea pig

Do you think its hard to give your pet a name? It really is!we had to vote for the name of my new pet guinea pig. we have another guinea pig his name is tom but my mum put somthing in in the midel of them so they don't fight, tom dos not like to share the hut. but they are cute. Tom can be strong for a old guinea pig. After voteing with my famlie and frindes we finale piked a name.the new guinea pigs name is faze pigani, he is cute and he is big. he eats really fast.

Tuesday, 24 May 2016


Fia Fia

Before we went on to the stage I was so shy, because when I was going to dance on stage everyone was staring at me.

During Fiafia I felt excited because when I was dancing in front of a lot of people they were cheering for us it was cool I had butterflies and then we went off stage.   

As I walked off the stage mum said “I was amazing”. I represented my whanau it made me proud.

The Colosseum

2000 years ago the colosseum was built from old people. People forte and gladiators came protected they forte lions the king was not nice. There were crumbling rocks and stone archways people would also fight Lions it would be very terrible they had to fight with swords and shields to protect them from the lion. They don't fight there any more people go to visit to see what's going on they can now go to where they use to fight.

Thursday, 19 May 2016

Rotational Symmetry

Rotational Symmetry is when a thing rotates and looks the same.
This image has an order of 8

Friday, 6 May 2016

Friday, 11 March 2016

Our Flag

New zealanders have began voting on whether  to change their flag from a design which features union jack to one that features the silver fern some people say that the current flag is too similar to  australia  flag also New zealand is no longer apart of britain and we need a flag that represents our nation.

New NZ Flag.png

Friday, 26 February 2016

Roller coaster

Feeling scared, nervous and somewhat frightened, I ran towards the screaming rollercoaster. This could all in disaster. Until today I had never been so scared my life.
As the coaster car pulled up, it was our turn to get on. “I don’t want to” I mumbled. Listening to the screaming from the people In front of me turned my stomach.

With the wind rushing past my face I  could hardly see anything. Closing my eyes I wished over and over again that the ride would soon end. Was it nearly over?

Friday, 19 February 2016

Lost in the Forest

mark was looking for his cat. the cat’s name was josh mark shouted josh i have cat food and looked for josh
mark was worried. he was so sad he was crying he saw something he was running                            
it was a crow he was running and fell in a hole. he found a ladder and got out and was looking for josh.

Friday, 12 February 2016


As the crowd gathers under the proud flagpole the kapa haka performance celebrates our nation. Islands dot the harbour creating the majestic view.  

Wednesday, 3 February 2016

About Me

Hi my name is Lennox I am a year 4 at Pt England school. I like to play video games and my favourite sport is rugby. My mum is cool because she makes us cookies. My favourite food is pizza and I like to play rugby.