Wednesday, 1 June 2016

new guinea pig

Do you think its hard to give your pet a name? It really is!we had to vote for the name of my new pet guinea pig. we have another guinea pig his name is tom but my mum put somthing in in the midel of them so they don't fight, tom dos not like to share the hut. but they are cute. Tom can be strong for a old guinea pig. After voteing with my famlie and frindes we finale piked a name.the new guinea pigs name is faze pigani, he is cute and he is big. he eats really fast.

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  1. Hi Lennox
    That's very cool that you have two guinea pigs. I also have two guinea pigs there names are milly and major these names were given by my sister keyana who came up with them.

    From Shelford