Friday, 21 October 2016


One day there was a boy called Jack his dad said “it is getting late go to bed” Jack went to bed he could not sleep he closed his eyes and thought of the USA he opened his eyes he was in the USA his uncle lives there he did not know where he lived. He was petrified someone came up to him and said “are you ok” Jack said “no i am lost”  the little boy closed his eyes and thought of a boat and the sea he opened his eyes he was shouting for help “Help  Help” no one heard him he closed his eyes again but did not think of anything.

The boy started thinking of his school but when he got there he was thinking that it was a different school he went back to his bed he The boy thought of ancient Egypt He was inside. there was a big maze his bed was movable he moved his bed around Jack found a map he now new his way out It was too hot outside when he found the exit so he stayed inside where the shade was he was still scared he closed his eyes and he thought of candy land he opened his eye and he was in candy land he looked around he saw a giant gummy bear and sour packs.

He realized Whatever you he thought Jack would go to that place he went to the shop and got ten sour packs he meet a boy called Moran Was looking looking for his bear and he was sad sitting on the ground he said “will you help me find my teddy bear” Jack said “yes I will” Moran said “i was Playing at the park and then i had him i dropped him I did not know”

Jack said “I will find him stay here” Jack's thought of the park he found the teddy bear it was wet he went back to Moran he gave him his teddy bear he had wet hands he Dried teddy and teddy was like stone. Jack went every where he wanted to he went to go get pizza candy fizzy. But he felt like something wasn't right he remembered  home that was the last place he needed to go when he got back it was time to wake up for school.

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