Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Animation Writing

Hi my name is Lennox. My animation is about two people going into space to try and save the earth. So there was a guy in the park but then 3 years later the world got polluted because everyone was throwing their trash around and two people decided to go to space. Jeffy and Jack built a spaceship and flew into space to find a new home. First they went to a colorful planet. They walked out, then an alien came jumping down. They ran dashing to their spaceship then they went to Mercury. While they were there one of them said “ It's too hot!“ The other one said, “Yeah let's go!“ They went back into space and they found earth 2.0. They heard a weird noise. This alien was nice to them and then 50 years later humans and aliens lived together. The End. By Lennox

1 comment:

  1. Wow lennox, I like that humans and aliens end up living together, but did anyone save Earth 1.0?